The Home Visit of a nurse promotes several actions that contribute to helping the day to day of those who are bedridden, with physical or cognitive limitations.

Nursing professionals offer treatment in the home environment with compliance with all requirements, among other competent bodies, such as providing a service that is responsible for promoting health and well-being to the patient, as well as preventing diseases and treat different types of diseases.

What is Home Care Nursing

Home Nursing provides an important service to bedridden patients, with a considerable reduction in physical and cognitive autonomy, as it contributes to considerably reducing cases of hospital infection.

One of the other reasons that contributes to the hiring of private nurses at home is to have the convenience of having specialized care for assistance and home care.

Home Care Service

Pronto Care works with Home Care service in periods of 8 and 12 hours, as well as having a team available to provide 24-hour Nursing services.

We have the three types of services authorized by Coren available:

Home Care: Provides all the guidelines that family members and the patient need to know about actions that aim to be educational and/or assistance.
Home Hospitalization: Replaces hospital admission with all the safety and comfort that the patient deserves.
Home Visit: It is scheduled to comply with the plan prepared with the aim of monitoring the patient’s health status and providing the best care.

Home Care Nursing Team

Home Nursing is responsible for performing various procedures, such as palliative care, which are those in which the health professional evaluates how to act to take care of diseases classified as serious, progressive and, mainly, that puts the patient’s life at risk . .

One of the main functions of the nurse is to relieve the patient’s suffering , so the Pronto Care nursing team is sent to the sick person’s home to care for him with affection and respect.

The family that hires nursing services at home has effective professional assistance to bathe, administer medication and carry out all the follow-up to care for the patient.

Significant tasks tackled by our Nurses

  • Nursing & medical management: They deal with the wound, injury utmost care and manage all the medical activities; as providing medicines them on time, injections, ointment, dressing, suction, tracheotomy, rice tube feeding etc.
  • Nutriment & Diet care: Feeding them from time to time, our nurses ensure that they do not consume any intoxicating things which are not good for the patient’s health. They provide and prepare all the essential stuff to the patient.
  • Personal care: Patients required proper maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene and so our nurses make the patient sponge at the bed or make them shower. Take good care of oral hygiene, cleanliness of bed, clothes, etc.
  • Mobility & Assistance: Supports the patient in walking, sleeping properly, exercises and other essential physical activities.
  • Toileting: Assistance in the urinal, changing of a colostomy bag, diapers, etc.
  • Vital Monitoring: Tracks weight, sugar level, blood pressure, body temperature, etc.
  • Companionship: The nurse tend to develop healthily and a happy relationship with the patient resulting in a good state of mind of the patient. They support the patient mentally and emotionally with their polite behavior and friendly nature.

Taking all the aspects into account Sarwar Healthcare being the most ethical and determined nursing bureau furnishes you preeminent and extremely superlative nursing services in Delhi, Noida and many more places for the best process of your healthy and fast revival and recuperation.

The Highly Qualified Home Care Nursing Agency

We prepare the Nurse and the Home Care Nurse to provide the Home Nursing service of high performance, satisfaction and zeal for the life of each person served.

In our company, humanized care goes hand in hand with the experience and technical knowledge of our entire team so that there is the creation of bonds of trust between the professional and the family served.