Sarwar Healthcare

The team of the Sarwar Health Care: dedicated to the care of patients around the world.

Our mission:

Restore the ease of long-term movements and relieve the pain of our patients by preserving the joint. All this using the most modern techniques in a safe and pleasant environment.

Our vision:

To be recognized as the preferred provider of orthopedic services throughout Delhi NCR thanks to our long-term treatment approach.

About us

Sarwar Healthcare

We are specialized in working with our patients to find a long-term solution for their orthopedic problems. This means that instead of looking for a “quick remedy” treatment that will reduce pain and improve the mobility of your joints at the moment, we are committed to solutions that solve problems for the next ten years. At the same time, we also consider the years after this.

The patients of Sarwar Health Care may be convinced that we will always work to help them achieve the optimum mobility of their joints at each stage of the natural aging process.


encouraging close contact between doctor and patient and clearly explaining treatment procedures. Being generous with our time. Always having a good disposition and always understanding the point of view of our patients.


striving to maintain and exceed quality standards in everything we do. Supporting continuous training through our team. Promoting the use of innovative techniques. Sharing new ideas


recognizing, respecting and supporting the different needs of each patient and families. Promoting open dialogue. Being receptive to suggestions and acting accordingly.

Team work:

Evaluating collaboration between patients, families and our clinical team. Striving to acquire and understand all the information, and transmitting it clearly and effectively to ensure the best results and the best treatment environment for our patients.

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