With Sarwar Healthcare, buying and renting of medical equipment is made easily accessible for you at your doorstep, as it has never been before. Amid the troublesome periods of life, you or your cherished ones may depend on various equipment for medical and health care equipment to return into your usual life. Being associated with top vendors of medical equipment, it offers an extensive variety of such hardware for purchase and rent, hence, making social insurance more available and reasonable for you.

A detailed list of medical equipment in which we deal includes the following:

Hospital Bed

Having enlisted the top hospital bed manufacturers and dealers from across Delhi, NCR. Sarwar Healthcare finds you the most comfortable and relieving solutions. Engineering compact designs with advanced technologies, these experienced designers present a wide array of beds used in hospital for home services. These are easy to assemble and possess a large carrying capacity. Constructed using highest grade mild steel and stainless steel, these hospital beds for home confirms a longer service life and resistance from rust and corrosion. Scroll down from the list of numerous manufacturers and suppliers and choose the best quote as per your requirement.


  • Electric Bed
  • Manual Bed
  • ICU Bed (Full Functional Bed)


  • Operated manually & electronically
  • Screw System operated the backrest
  • Two sectional CRCA sheet top which is uniformly perforated
  • Strong rectangular CRCA pipe used to make the frame
  • Laminated Panels made using S.S. Bows at Foot and Head End

Syringe Pump

The basic product viewed in the medical process is the Syringe Pump. Being a small infusion pump to dispense a small amount of fluid into patients during medical treatments or in research works. Sarwar Healthcare has tied-up with the most renowned vendors of these products across Delhi, India and countrywide. They manufacture and deal with only top-grade products which are at par with the strict medical and other industrial standards. They utilize top-quality raw material and advanced technologies to design these precisely. Avail these Syringe Pump in bulk and desirable quantities at best rates from Sarwar Healthcare.


  • Dispensing / dilution
  • Electro-spinning
  • Electro-spraying
  • Fluid circulation
  • Micro-dialysis
  • Micro-fluidics
  • Organ / tissue perfusion

Apart from the above mentioned, numerous researchers make use of Syringe Pump in chemical and biomedical research & analysis proceedings.

Suction Machine

Sarwar Healthcare is a trusted dealer of Suction Machine in Delhi, NCR. Having maintained a well-spread network of leading manufacturers and other suppliers, we ensure timely delivery of urgent and bulk orders within least time frames. Our machines for suction applications are value prescribed and imported by a few nations. We have the range to suit each application and circumstances including electric and manual suction units divider suction, compact suction units and machines, pipe suction on the trolley, and handheld units. You may see our whole Suction Machines and Units and select the most reasonable model according to your prerequisites. Mercifully give us your particular buy necessity alongside amount to give desirable costs for us to offer the best quotes.

Features of Suction Machine:

  • Advanced and complete protection design to avoid overflow of solvent being stored, and prevent mucus and pus from leaking
  • Appropriate pumping rate and managed voltage
  • Compact designs which are easy to carry for being lightweight, especially in external and emergency applications.
  • Large flux, high negative pressure, and noise-free operation

Oxygen Concentrator

Sarwar Healthcare is amongst the oxygen concentrator dealer in Delhi, NCR. It is a gadget that concentrates oxygen from the air. It will regularly be an electrically-fueled sub-atomic sifter (counterfeit zeolite) used to isolate nitrogen from encompassing air. It could be connected broadly in the doctor’s facilities at all unique level, centers, wellbeing focuses and family nursing, medicinal services for the old individual, mental specialists, and understudies, and so forth. Regardless of whether the client is proficient or not, the clients could work the oxygen concentrator independent from anyone else subsequent to perusing this present client’s manual. The oxygen concentrator can supply 1 persistent, with relentless oxygen streaming out, sheltered and solid, easy, and customizable stream.

  • Minimized, ergonomic outline consumes up less room, looks less like a therapeutic gadget.
  • One of the calmest standard concentrators.
  • No home care supplier channel change for a long time.
  • Uses less power and delivers less warmth, so it’s more patient-accommodating.
  • No channels for the patient to change.
  • A recessed stream meter decreases the shot of unintentional breakage.
  • It contains hour meter in it. One can alter the quantity of hours use and the stream rate. It is exceptionally straightforward in working.
  • Until further notice machines, one has open the highest point of the machine by squeezing the entryway with a screwdriver for taking out the connector between the machine and humidifier bottle.
  • Humidifier contain is loaded with water to an ideal level amongst the least and most extreme levels. Interface the oxygen pipe to the humidifier and other and to the individual utilizing it. Put on the machine and modify the stream rate between 0 to 5 liters.

Wheel Chair

In situations when one cannot walk on its feet to travel distances, both small and large, Sarwar Healthcare delivers the best ever Wheelchair. We are resolved to offer our most esteemed customers, an extensive variety of Wheel Chair Folding. These items are fitted with forwarding push security brakes to ensure their easy to understand use. Customers can profit these wheel seats from us with a base request amount of 1 seat. The further determinations of the Wheel Chair are recorded beneath:

  • Comes in 2 variation-fixed back and recliner.
  • Foldable lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Height adjustable swing in and swing out and detachable leg rest.
  • Raise wheels fitted with hard elastic tires to estimate 60 cm.
  • Runs quickly and uninhibitedly.
  • Seat and back made of rexine.
  • Self-pushing rings.
  • Swing back armrest.
  • Swivel front wheels measure 20 cm.

Thus, in order to get the medical equipment on rent or purchase, contact us now!